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 S.W.A.T Rules

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S.W.A.T Special Force
S.W.A.T Special Force

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S.W.A.T Rules Empty
PostSubject: S.W.A.T Rules   S.W.A.T Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2015 11:36 pm

S.W.A.T Rules


• Always follow the Server rules.
• S.W.A.T follows the same rules as for cops.
• After you drag a criminal, take him directly into the respective red checkpoint out side any nearest PD(s).
• Do not drag players to any one seated vehicle or if your passenger seats are occupied.
• If there are 5 players using SWAT skin, then don't play as SWAT unless you have permission from Commander.
• Do not let other cops/civilians enter into the SWAT Base(you can stop them using roadblocks).
• SWAT members abusing/cheating or not following the rules will be demoted/suspended.
• Do not abuse any SWAT features, use the way it is meant for.
• Do not bring your personal issues/revenges while giving feedback on applications.
• Do not place roadblock inside any interiors.
• Do not climb a roof or house using roadblocks and avoid placing bunch of roadblocks on road.
• If you want to avoid Cop chat and want to talk with SWAT team only, then you can create group using Group Tag "[SWAT]" and can invite all members to that group.
• Avoid creating multiple groups for SWAT, use /groupinfo to check whether there exists "[SWAT]" group or not.
• SWAT Duration for re-applying after Suspension/Demotion/Termination is 4 weeks(28 days).
• SWAT Duration for re-applying after Application Denial/Rejection is 3 weeks(21 days).
• You cannot apply for CIA and S.W.A.T at the same time.
• If you find any SWAT Member doing violation of Server or SWAT Rules, you can report him in SWAT Report Section.
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S.W.A.T Rules
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