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 Admin Rules.

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Admin Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Admin Rules.   Admin Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 12:54 am

- Always Speak in English (UK) Language.
- Do not be mean to players
because you "Dont Like Them"
- No Abusing Powers!
- You Must Have A Good Skills As
- Do Not Ask For Higher Admin
- Play fair (do not spawn
armour Always!
- Do not give your friends special
priveliges (Example: by not
punishing them if they break
- Do not take sides in conflicts
(stay neutral).
- Investigate both players during
a player complaint.
- No Harrasing Any Players!
- Always listen to your Higher
Rank/Level Admins. They have
probably more experience than
you. (Expect you have a higher
rank than him/her.)
- As admin you are not allowed
to use any kind of Mods, Cheats,
Hacks and Handycaps (such as
Cleo, S0beit etc.)
- Post on forums if you are going
to be away for long time (If Not
Then You Will Be Demoted As
- Bug Abusing Is Not Allowed
While You Are An Admin (This
Leads To Ban/Demote From
Being Admin.)
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Admin Rules.
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