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 Community Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Community Forum Rules & Guidelines  Empty
PostSubject: Community Forum Rules & Guidelines    Community Forum Rules & Guidelines  Icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2015 9:06 pm

Community Forum Rules

1.1 Respect

Be respectful towards others. No exceptions. It's the number one and the most important rule in the forum.
Sanctions: None specified; actions will be decided by the moderators handling the offender.

1.2 Pornography

No pornography. No porn links, images or downloads. Any post will be removed immediately and then you'll receive a forum infraction for it.
Sanctions: 14 days of forum and in-game ban.

1.3 Advertising

No Advertising/ Server Advertising. Seriously no, it's already common sense. This is our forum, iG forums is not here to let you advertise servers, server links and etc. Posts like this will be removed immediately.
Sanctions: Permanent forum and server ban.

1.4 Multi-Accounting

No Duplicate Forum Accounts. This means one account per person. We added this rule because some of our members in the last forum abused it, and we don't want to be confused like for example, "That's him!" "Another member said that's him!" "No that's not him, that's the real him!" Indeed, its confusing isn't it? We don't want that to happen.
Sanction: Duplicated forum account deletion, forum infractions or forum ban.

1.5 Faking Rank Position

Never act as an Administrators or a Moderator. If you're not an administrator don't go roam around and act one. It's okay to remind someone about our rules. That's why we have forum admins and moderators because It's our job to keep the forum clean from rule breakers. If you see someone rule breaking then you can report them to us.
Sanctions: Forum infractions, or forum ban.

1.6 Spamming

No spamming. Spam is a post that does not contribute to the discussion. For example, there is this thread and you're just replying something like “Yeah” or “Cool”. It's a bit short and we consider it as a spam. If you're spamming posts like that, you'll be warned, one of our moderators will PM you.
Sanctions: Post deletion, warnings may be issued. Excessive breaking this rule can result in a 5 day forum ban.

1.7 Discrimination

No racial imagery or racial comments. This also includes discriminating against people within the community.
Sanctions: 5 day forum ban.

1.8 Illegal Software

Posting illegal software, serial keys, or links to pirated/illegal content of any kind via Private Message or Posting is not allowed.
Sanctions: Thread/post deletion. 2 months of forum and in-game ban.

1.9 Flamming

No Flaming. It's strictly not allowed in the forums.
Sanctions: None specified; actions will be decided by the Moderators handling the offender.

1.10 Off Topic Subjects

Post all non-relevant material in the Off-Topic section. Here your post count doesn't increase.
Sanction: None.

1.11 Language

Post must be in understandable English. If you don't speak English, you can try a translator and translate from one language to another, use this link: http://translate.google.com
Sanction: Forum infraction.

1.12 Fighting

No fighting. Don't fight with other members in the forum. Remember If you want to have a good image in the forum then put this on your mind “Respect” all of us should be respectful and definitely don't start a fight with the moderators, forum staffs or admins.
Sanction: A warning may be issued.

1.13 Trashing

No Posting of useless threads in the wrong section is not acceptable. The thread will be moved to its correct section.
Sanction: Warning to repeat offenders.

1.14 Hacking / Attacking

Attacking (DoS, DDoS), Attempting to hack the Server/Forums or even joking about either subject is strictly not allowed.
Sanction: Permanent Community Ban.

1.15 Advertising Other Community

Advertising other communities/referring people to non-related sites is strictly not allowed.
* This includes, but is not limited to: posting IPs, forum links, web pages to other communities and other non-related web pages such as surveys, etc. *
Sanctions: Thread/Post deletion, 7 days forum ban.

1.16 Irrelevant Posting

No posting on unban appeals/player report when you aren't involved.
* This includes, but is not limited to: flaming the offender, causing fights, posting irrelevant material. *
Sanction: Post deletion, possible forum infraction.

[align=center]Our forum Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to change these rules at any time, with no public warning.

It is up to each moderator or administrator to label a user's action as not allowed and sanction him accordingly. The sanctions above are guidelines, we may act different, depending on the given situation.. Also remember, If you think you're a rule breaker then change your actions, each of us are silently watching you and we know.

Any questions or suggestions, please PM a forum administrator/moderator. Thank you!
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Community Forum Rules & Guidelines
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