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 Selling your House/Biz/Vehicle's/or other stuff.

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Selling your House/Biz/Vehicle's/or other stuff. Empty
PostSubject: Selling your House/Biz/Vehicle's/or other stuff.   Selling your House/Biz/Vehicle's/or other stuff. Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2015 2:40 am

Post a new topic if you got anything to sell.
It's NOT allowed to scam people and under any cirumstances.
Players who are scamming others will be punished by the admins on the Forum and In-Game!!

When someone is breaking the rules tell the scammed player to report it here as soon as possible.
Don't report for your friends, other players etc. They must report themselve!!
Post as much proof as possible, not only chatlog, but screenshots, or video. You can make screenshots by using F8 key.
If you can't proof it that someone has scammed you, we can not guarantee you will get refund and scammed player will get punished. By playing in the server you agree with following the rules, In-Game and on forum!
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Selling your House/Biz/Vehicle's/or other stuff.
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