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 S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility

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S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility Empty
PostSubject: S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility   S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2015 11:06 pm

- Before Applying you must read the S.W.A.T Rules.
- While applying you must follow the below application format.
- You cannot apply for Army, CIA and S.W.A.T at the same time(which means you can choose any one team, either CIA or S.W.A.T or Army).
- Once your application has been denied, you will have to wait for at-least 1 week before applying again.
- Do not ask S.W.A.T Commander/Colonel for SWAT Test Till they reply on Your Application.

S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility

Status: Regular Player
Skills: Good Air & Driving Skills Required To Passing S,W,A,T Test.


Your In-Game Name:
Your In-game Hours:
Your In-Game Score:
Why You Want To Join S.W.A.T
Screenshot Of In-Game Stats
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S.W.A.T Requirements/Eligibility
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