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 Read Before Posting!

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Read Before Posting! Empty
PostSubject: Read Before Posting!   Read Before Posting! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2015 7:35 am

This section is for Reporting Players/Admins

Before posting a report, please follow these rules:

   Make sure your complaint is valid (No silly Complaints)
   Make sure to stick proofs with your post (screenshot for example)
   Include the players Nick and the reason for the complaint
   Make sure to resize your screenshot to a decent forum format/size (800x600)
   Make sure to not use any insulting subject names for your complaints. Eg: "reporting biggest noob" These types of complaints will not be tolerated.

Your in-game name :
Whom are you reporting to ? :
Explain why you're reporting this player :
Do you accept that lying will lead to serious and harsh punishments? (yes/no):
Proofs: (Screenshots, Chat logs) :

If you post in reports while you are not allowed to post , you will be forum warned and may get banned from forums.

This isn't a Discussion Section. So, Do not reply to threads unless you have any important message to pass

NOTE: Chatlogs can be manipulated, hence chatlogs won't be taken seriously as proofs. Screenshots are the best proofs.

The Admin Team
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Read Before Posting!
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